Innovative detail-oriented award winning Web Applications Project Manager with over a decade of government and commercial experience in Web development, Web site architecture, content strategy, graphic design, database development, usability, usage data analysis, social media, e-newsletters and Web 2.0.

Responsible for carefully assessing client information requirements and producing well-designed and organized Web sites that:

  • Respond directly to user needs; and
  • Comply with agency guidelines, OMB policies, Federal laws and ADA Section 508.
Recognized for strong technical, organizational, and communications skills and for applying creativity, high standards and attention to detail to every Web site project. Work resulted in numerous Web site awards, including the Government Standard of Excellence Award and the Education World Award.

I have recently managed Web site and Database tasks for: the Pentagon, the White House Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives, the Department of Labor, the Economic Development Administration, the Small Business Administration, the Environmental and Protection Agency and the Department of Education.

My current projects:

Maryland Celiacs Support Group
CMS Web 2.0 site.

Web 2.0 site for EPA: American Green Jobs [undergoing re-design].
It features wiki's, blogs, forums, news and RSS feeds.

You can view additional Web sites I have developed, by clicking the thumbnail image in the page header.

Available upon request.

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